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Itel P32 Price, full Features and specification

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Tecno F2 LTE Price, full Features and specification

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  1. can be bought online at and delivered to your place

  2. they are both good depends on your choice

  3. try visiting a tecno outlet near you. with your location i might direct you to a tecno outlet closer to you

  4. it should be in range of 13500 currently in lagos

  5. tecno should have done as you said @ Bill

  6. the keywords are based on your Niche, hence you might use the keywords to develop a content, if it falls under your niche

  7. @pavi, you can set the auto correction mode to active from the keyboard settings.

  8. @ yinka, you can text 102 to 131 to activate a new plan, it will automatically switch you over

  9. @lily describe what happened so we know te exact problem

  10. currently, you can get E1 X touch for ₦45,000


  12. thanks for sharing your experience

  13. The bank won't, but you can request for a dollar master card once your account is activated.

  14. Yes, % service charge when you withdraw.

  15. go to settings, locate camera features.

  16. you hard reset the phone, to gain back control

  17. visit the nearest calcare centre

  18. thanks for the update

  19. you need to visit the bank and request them to activate the card for online transactions.

  20. checkout any calcrae center close to you

  21. this seems like a overheating issue, allow the phone to cool down and try again.

  22. try and change your battery

  23. do select add money option, before you select the pay u option.

  24. check your charger, if still persists take to nearest tecno care

  25. seems like a battery issue, hope you’re using the right phone charger

  26. go to payments and settings and select add funds to your account, the rest will show up

  27. go to payments and settings and select add funds to your account, the rest will show up

  28. clean your memory card from old apps and maybe reformat your phone

  29. no, there is no LTE feature with this device

  30. your phone screen might be i trouble, signs indicate the screen might develop issues soonest

  31. Yes, the Tecno Camon C7 have screenshots

  32. change the cable and try again

  33. Jiji will always have you covered with better phones at good pricing

  34. it seems like you bought the fake version of tecno camon c9

  35. Take it back to the store

  36. you need to flash the phone

  37. Yes is a 3G smartphone

  38. no, not sure that is possible

  39. check your internet settings and try again

  40. check your Sd card, faulty/infected cards can cause serious problems

  41. change the cable and try again

  42. you need to dry the phone, to avoid partial current at wrong places

  43. try removing your memory card and try again

  44. Your phone is bricked, you need to flash with the original rom

  45. budget maximum of 10k

  46. the charging port is touchy, need to look up by a professional

  47. either youre using the fake, or battery problem, or CPU issues, or likely over usage allow your smartphone to cool down.

  48. we are yet to observe that, we llok into it and get back to you

  49. thanks for update

  50. check the ear piece,

  51. you need to del unused appss in your Sd card and internal storage as the phone is bugged down by lots of programs.

  52. they only need a functional current account not a dormant account

  53. change the cable and try again, if nothing works change the battery

  54. this a factory problem , do return or exchange for a better one.

  55. you used the wrong charger, thereby burning the charging port

  56. this a hardware problem from the factory

  57. your phone is perfectly ok

  58. your phone mouth piece is faulty

  59. your phone charging system is faulty

  60. you need to hard reset, by pressing power + volume up at same time, then follow instructions on screen

  61. change the battery, hope you don’t use the phone while charging, because it causes lots of stress for your phone battery.

  62. did the phone fell into water or any hard serface

  63. use a screen protector, maybe the screen need to be re-calibrated

  64. del unused apps, clear the cache and free up phone memory

  65. check jumia, they have good quality

  66. change your battery, also check the charging IC and cable

  67. change the cable, if the problem continues, then you need to get a new battery

  68. check your battery, seems faulty

  69. you accidentally activated the “dont disturb” feature, so you need to deactivate to start working normally

  70. checkout repair centers close to you from the list of carlcare centers authorized by tecno

  71. seems the update didn’t complete successfully, clear the cache and also maybe hard reset your phone.

  72. sounds like a faulty battery

  73. check the internet settings for correct setup. Which network are you using

  74. clean your fingers free from oil and dust, else it needs to be re-calibrated

  75. Not yet but you pre-order and have it here in Nigeria

  76. needs a hard reset, also the battery may be faulty

  77. download image editing Apps from Goolge play store

  78. change the cable and try again

  79. yes, it can

  80. the battery might be faulty, or the charging sysytem

  81. the camera quality is very good, so i give it a rate of 8

  82. check the user manual, on how to improve the sound quality

  83. if is still very new, return it, seems the battery or the charging system is faulty

  84. check your call settings and deactivate call forwarding

  85. remove any screen protector, else you need to re-calibrate the touch settings

  86. install Ad-block Plus from play store to get rid of the ads, also delete any recent download apps.

  87. currently sells for N41,000

  88. del unused apps and recently download apps after the update, clear cache and restart your phone. it will pick to normal.
    If it fails, Here is the bitter solution, back up all your files and factory reset your phone.

  89. whats the available memory on your SD card

  90. Tecno C7 is a very good phone

  91. change the charger, to better one with high ratings

  92. return the phone if possible, seems your phone has a hardware problem

  93. check if any scale is covering the camera, maybe is the camera senor is faulty

  94. is a popular issue with updating the hios, hope Tecno fixes this with another update

  95. did your phone fall into any liquid, seems like the touch sensor is faulty

  96. expect infinix note 4 early April

  97. your phone is now in default hard reset screen, power off and power on, it should clear

  98. did the phone fall into any fluid recently, try and get a screen protector

  99. infinix x521 has dual sim issues, either sacrifice the SD slot for your sim caerd and vice visa

  100. a screen guard/proctor will help stop the phone from opening itself, for slow performance del any apps you downloaded recently including unused ones.

  101. some banks allow you to withdraw all, while others $10

  102. nice one, finally you got your account ready

  103. depends on you, yeah they pay in dollars

  104. depends on you, yeah they pay in dollars

  105. how long have you used the phone ?, also allow the phone to cool down, we also assume it might be from the battery

  106. I buy from BDC but mostly I get dollars transfer to me from abroad

  107. Tecno won't disappoint us, they always deliver

  108. seems to be a software problem, but since is still new phone return it and get another one as you might never know what will come up tomorrow

  109. switch from a 2G/Edge network to a 3G, from network settings also move to a better reception area.

  110. the file is corrupt, also check any previous app for malware

  111. take it to phone repair shop, when your falls inside water off the phone and dip inside a bucket of rice, as the rice will absorb the water and don't boot for at least 24hours

  112. return the phone where you bought it, it seems to be factory problem

  113. did you download any new app recently

  114. anyone can work as long you have enough space, phone memory performs better

  115. did you download any new app?

  116. did you flash it, with the right rom specified for your phone

  117. the file is corrupted, re-download another one

  118. did the phone fall from any height maybe or we need to hard reset the phone to free up from clustered files.

  119. check the default volume of your smartphone, maybe

  120. from the left side, pull up the phone jack

  121. i make use of sumo package, you can get the social share buttons using the free version.

  122. once tecno change for snapdragon, am in for tecno but alos know their prices won't remain the same

  123. i agree with you, tecno winpad 2 is good

  124. remove the SD card (memory card) and try again, else factory reset (soft flash) the phone.

  125. check the internet settings for this particular apps,

  126. check internal apps and off your data when not in use

  127. it will work on MTN, Etisalat but doesn't supports Glo 4G

  128. add a screen guide, that will solve the problem for now, else checkout an authorized repair shop.

  129. delete the previous ones, ensure you have enough space on SD card and stable internet connection. Then try again.

  130. check your SD card, it might be corrupt

  131. go ahead and update your device, your battery won't be affected. ensure you have enough space and at least 60% battery before you start the update.

  132. try the new SD card let's see what happens next

  133. was the phone recently updated

  134. check if your palms are free from oil and dirt and try again

  135. the battery cells are dead, so your phone battery needs to be replaced

  136. Tecno H6, is scare this days, but goes for ₦35,000

  137. Yes, Tecno Y2 runs whatsapp perfectly

  138. the w5 has a better battery management than the w4

  139. recheck your internet access point, also reset data setting from your network provider. for MTN, text "reset" to 131

  140. send us mail at, stating your request and location

  141. how long have you used the battery

  142. it depends on what you want, rooting comes with it's advantages and disadvantages

  143. 1.your touch is too sensitive, try adding a screen guard,
    2.try checking the cable connection to the car,
    3. first unlock your device before transferring files
    4. this looks like a poor network coverage.

  144. can i know the android version and model of your of smartphone

  145. try and visit any calcare centers close to you, as they help you with original screen at an affordable price.

  146. check your phone charger as fake charger tend to cause this

  147. Tecno c9 doesn't supports Glo band 28. But it supports MTN 4G

  148. hope they make changes with next update

  149. i suggest to go for Tecno c9

  150. InnJoo Note doesn't supports 4G. Blackberry Q10 will work supports the following bands
    LTE band 2(1900), 4(1700/2100), 5(850), 17(700) – SQN100-1, SQN100-5
    LTE band 4(1700/2100), 13(700) – SQN100-2
    LTE band 3(1800), 7(2600), 8(900), 20(800) – SQN100-3
    LTE band 25(1900)

    It supports Glo, Etisalat, MTN, InterC, Ntel, 4G Network.

  151. Your itel1502 forbids 4G network

  152. Your Infinix Zero 3 Supports the following bands
    LTE band 1(2100), 3(1800), 7(2600), 38(2600), 39(1900), 40(2300), 41(2500)
    It will work with MTN and Etisalat 4G. Glo Not supported

  153. Your Samsung Galaxy Tab 1957 has the following band
    LTE band 4(1700/2100), 17(700) – AT&T
    LTE band 3(1800), 7(2600), 20(800)

    It supports, Glo, and Etisalat 4G LTE

  154. Your Sony Xperia Z1 supports these bands
    LTE band 1(2100), 2(1900), 3(1800), 4(1700/2100), 5(850), 7(2600), 8(900), 20(800) – C6903, C6943
    LTE band 1(2100), 2(1900), 4(1700/2100), 5(850), 7(2600), 8(900), 17(700) – C6906

    It will work on MTN 4G LTE, Etisalat 4G LTE, Glo 4G LTE, Ntel 4G LTE and InterC

  155. this looks like a hadwrare problem, checkout available calcare Centers to get your phone checked out

  156. it seems your SD card is corrupt, try a different one and see if the problem stops

  157. the tecno w3 is not powered by HD screen and current price goes for ₦25,000

  158. the Camera specs
    Rear: 13 megapixel autofocus camera with dual LED flash and
    Front-facing: 13 megapixel camera with flash

  159. the ram is actually small of just 512MB RAM

  160. CFA, a type of currency used in some West and Central Africa nations

  161. their content marketing guys are doing a great job

  162. thanks for sharing the latest price of tecno L8 in Uganda

  163. Yes, 6 months after starting ur blog.

  164. To resolve this issue, download ES File explorer from the Google Play Store and use the Analyze SD Card function. also know that the Android OS also reserves some space for system files.

  165. Go to settings > applications and clear data for both PlayStore and Google Frameworks

  166. You need to download the app SoundAbout to troubleshoot the speakers, by following the steps:-
    Open SoundAbout > Wired Headset Behavior > Uncheck the first two options. Your problem will be fixed

  167. tecno L8 Plus, goes for 43,000 in Abuja

  168. once is available, we let you know

  169. UPDTAE: currently you can't subscribe for more

  170. yap, you can subscribe for more

  171. no, it dos'ent work on java phones

  172. yap, it works on your blackberry

  173. the tecno c9 pro is a quality replacement for your tecno m6 m

  174. no the tecno w3 does not come with external memory card

  175. tecno should do bettr on the battery

  176. Nice and incredible spec. I'm sure the price will also be a Premium Price. I guess between N150,000

  177. the galaxy wide is really nice phone you can go for

  178. Dial *140# to check the balance

  179. It is better you try it out on a sim that doesn't have active subscription

  180. the Hot S is great phone, see how the hot s compares with tecno c9 here

  181. We are here to give You the best

  182. go for tecno c9, the c7 seems like a mini version of c9

  183. you should go for the tecno c9

  184. c7 seems like a mini version of tecno c9

  185. you should go for the tecno c9

  186. you can order from jumia or konga with great discount

  187. you can order online from slot .ng

  188. Airtel is really a great company, with innovate ideas

  189. is likely the fake itel it1408

  190. you can download ad blocker from here

  191. Due to fire gin exchange the price has gone up to 38k

  192. Currently going for 37k, and out of stock for now

  193. tecno y2 is really scare, but budget like 18k

  194. thanks for sharing the support link

  195. it may be from your charger or your battery is getting weak

  196. it worked perfectly well on all devices

  197. tecno w3 is really a good phone which for CFA 11,300 to 12,000 depending on your ocation

  198. with the current exchange rate, not bad

  199. true, but you can't get everything in a single phone

  200. this could be signs of cpu problems or malware present in your OS, which can be corrected by simple flash, to hard reset

  201. the xtouch A2LTE8G was designed with 8GB internal storage but was later upgraded to 16GB which makes the device come in two variants.

  202. Really happy you love the phone, but gionee m6 plus has no NFC

  203. yea, it seems the external SD card is now optional

  204. you can still try the max 3, because is really a good product

  205. thanks for sharing your experience on the max 3 with us, but forcing us to use either one sim is not a good idea,

  206. it depends on how you see the situation, the tecno l8 plus is also a good phone with 2GB ram, but also the phantom z is really cool phone to come by, and very scre this days, do bear with them

  207. thanks for sharing your experience with tecno l8 plus with us

  208. due to increase in exchange rate, the tecno y2 can be purchased for N18,000 in Ogun state

  209. due to increase in exchange rate, the tecno y2 can be purchased for N18,000

  210. yes, itel 1407 can be flashed with kitkat, hope you know how to go about it

  211. i concur, the l8 plus is really good and fast

  212. you can get yours from konga or jumia

  213. the max 3 is out, maybe they are still updating their stores

  214. i believe this must be a memory related issues which will require changing

  215. the cpu or the battery might have some issues, send us a mail with a more detailed, as the information provided is still not enough to pin point the issues.

  216. all i can say, is that you get high quality images with the camera, so you can go ahead and buy

  217. you can now buy your infinix hot s from stores nationwide

  218. your tecno can work perfectly well with your tecno T-band as long as you can operate Bluetooth of your phone.

  219. both the tecno c9 and infinix are very good phones including tecno's latest tecno c7

  220. you will surely love this phone, the camera is really good, also the tecno c7 is out with great camera too

  221. all i can say for now is that the l8 plus has a good battery

  222. we are all happy, Nokia will soon be back

  223. thanks for sharing your experience,your c9 battery should last

  224. the camera is really good for night shots

  225. we do appreciate your visit

  226. try downloading link2SD mobile App from Google playstore

  227. most times WiFi, really drains battery life

  228. yeah, i agree with you, the price is really good

  229. you're the first to complain about this, will look into that

  230. it network sped depends mostly on your location

  231. both phones are very good, depends the one you like most as their prices are also close

  232. currently going for 50k in stores

  233. i must say, the battery is really poor

  234. the company, need to improve on their battery

  235. thanks for sharing your experience with us

  236. you're welcome to share your experience with us anytime

  237. pls drop my mail box at our contact form or here and you get the download link

  238. the price is really something, but it worth's every penny

  239. you need to download link2SD android app from google play store and move your apps to memory card, you now have free space to enjoy your phone, if that does not work let me know

  240. the tecno w3 is a good phone to buy

  241. yeah they good, but one has a better battery than the other

  242. we currently have the only the tecno c9

  243. yeah the tecno c9 is a great device and you love the phone

  244. there are lots of ways to solve this simple problem, but first download Link2SD from google play store, as with that tool, you can move all your documents and apps from internal memory to SD card.

  245. currently we do not permit trade in, maybe sometime later

  246. yeah, the phantom 5 is a well designed & packaged smartphone compared to the y4, the phantom 5 also finger print scanner etc, Full Review of Tecno Phantom 5

  247. thanks for sharing your experience, keep on the lookout for our next giveaway, you might get lucky

  248. thanks for sharing your experience

  249. yes, bro a samsung note 7 looks really good

  250. thanks for sharing your experience

  251. airtel is currently working on theirs

  252. thanks for your insights, you may be correct

  253. yeah, the usually release official info on their websites

  254. thanks for the update on the price lists

  255. the demo accounts is a must for beginners in Forex, thanks for sharing your experience with us

  256. thanks for sharing your experience with us

  257. yeah totala, you really have a good point there, thanks for stopping by

  258. thanks for sharing yor experience with us

  259. yes dear, the phone is just pimped

  260. it depends on how you view the price, but the phone comes with great specs

  261. yeah, tecno took time to design this phone

  262. the tecno phantom 5 is really a quality phone and good for money

  263. we appreciate your observations, hope tecno takes note in their next release

  264. yeah man, we love to hear from you soon

  265. the change in exchange rate is the reason for the sudden increase in price

  266. thanks for sharing your experience with the tecno phantom 5, we do appreciate over here

  267. not that bad, unless you are looking at the brand tecno

  268. yeah man, tecno has upgraded it all

  269. same here, it looked too real to be true

  270. am with you on that, but tecno has released a better one known as tecno camon c9

  271. yeah, but camon c8 is designed with good picture quality

  272. of course tecno camon c8 is really good

  273. yeah, i do believe that Tecno is here to stay

  274. thanks for sharing your view with us

  275. thanks for sharing your review with us

  276. yeah. tecno really tried this time with the c9

  277. i agree with you on that, nice product from tecno

  278. the official price is not yet out, but expect nothing less than N5,000

  279. thanks for sharing, your experience with us all

  280. the tecno y2 is packed with 8gb memory card

  281. yes, really cool product from tecno

  282. sorry kanu for that, you need to check and off backgroung apps including gps and wifi as they tend to drain battery faster than normal. hope this helps

  283. thanks for sharing your experience with us on the tecno w4

  284. tecno is really trying for Nigerians with low budget smartphones with beautiful designs.

  285. i don't think the tecno y2 is still available in the market, anyone with better idea can post it here.

  286. sure a great product from tecno mobile with quality specs and good value for money

  287. this occurs from use of fake or bad memory card, try and use the phone without the memory card if it continues is probably malware issue.

  288. i really believe that, with the competition now in Nigeria they have no choice than to improve

  289. seriously, didn't expect such a price but the phone might just worth it

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  291. NOTE: You don’t need to root your phone to change itel imei.
    Steps in Changing itel Android IMEI
    Step 1- Just Dial *#*#83781#*#* on your iTel smartphone, then a screen title “Engineer Mode” would show automatically.Step 2- Scroll Down and Select “Set IMEI“. the phone should display your IMEI(s).
    Step 3- change all or any of the
    IMEI being displayed with the one(s) you want and then, Click “Set IMEI“.

    Step 4- A confirmation message will pop-up, Click OK and Reboot the Phone. once the phone is rebooted, your iTEL android device IMEI should now be changed.

    To confirm that the IMEI has been successfully changed, simply dial *#06# .

    This tutorial has been tested on itel it1506 running (4.4Kitkat)

  292. julius, try and check if the battery is placed properly, other wise check if the battery is low

  293. the current price is N27,000 at various stores in nigeria,