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Travel : MTN Launches 4G+ Services in Ghana

We got good news people, MTN Ghana has just launched 4G +, the move is to provide faster data speeds with the widest coverage for travels heading to the country.

With the 4G+ speed data will penetration will enhance tup to 20x if migrating from 3G to 4G+ and 5x if migrating from 4G to 4G+.

In a statement released today, from the company MTN said, ‘the 4G+ service runs on a 4G LTE Advanced technology using the combination of the 800MHz and 2600MHz for carrier aggregation, which is an enhancement on the 4G LTE experience.

“With the faster Internet and wider coverage, the transmission of data can be done with ease, on-the-go, with the best speed everywhere. Higher speed Internet broadband promotes business growth and enriched social lives, ultimately boosting national development.”

MTN believes that 4G+ technology will further impact the development of the country as it provides more opportunities for Ghanaians to fully utilise digital services.

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