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UPDATE: WhatsApp Advance Search Mode

WhatsApp ‘Advanced Search’ Mode Coming Soon to iPhone Users.

The instant messaging app WhatsApp used by millions of people, will be getting a new feature for OS beta app users.  A new ‘Advanced Search’ feature will allow users to search for photos, links, audio, GIF images, and even videos, apart from the usual text search that is already enabled. 

UPDATE: WhatsApp Advance Search Mode

WhatsApp is also working on several other new features like Dark Mode, a group invitation control system, and much more in coming updates.

Currently WhatsApp has a Search feature that allows you to search for specific chats, but it is limited to text only. The new ‘Advanced Search’ feature will reportedly allow users to search multiple types of message and you will be able to search between photos, GIFs, videos, documents, links and even audio.

Once you tap on the advanced search bar on your smartphone, the screen will report on how many media files are stored in your WhatsApp Storage.

if you tap GIF images, links, or documents in the new search bar. The new Advanced Search feature also reports your search history, and it also comes with an option to clear all of those recent searches, if you so prefer.

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