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USB 4 Announced With Up to 40Gbps Transfer Speeds

USB 4 Announced, With Up to 40Gbps Transfer Speeds

Today witness a big change for data transfer as USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) has announced the USB 4. The bold step here means its ability to transfer data at 40Gbps. That’s double of what USB 3.2 has to offer i.e., 20Gbps. At this transfer rate it also bridges the gap that existed between the USB and Thunderbolt standards, with the latter already offering 40Gbps since 2015. Though this is all just draft specification for USB 4 at the moment, the standard will go official later this year.

With USB 4’s increased data throughput, and up to 100W of power delivery, it should be compatible with external graphics cards and output to two 4K monitors simultaneously. Pretty much, all things that have only been possible only on Thunderbolt 3 until now.

The thing that differentiates USB 4 from Thunderbolt 3 is that the technology that will be used in the former is royalty free. This means it can be implemented by any manufacturer without paying a licensing fee, which currently is the case with Thunderbolt 3. This is turn will not directly result in a price hike for upgraded everyday products.

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