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Cost of Living in United States Compared to Every Other Country

United States one of the most expensive countries to living in in the world and even has a higher cost of living when compared to most countries in Europe.

From eating out, to consumables and the price of gasoline, the price of everything is dear. The best part of living in US is that wages are also higher when compared to other countries of the world which balances out the expensive cost of living in the country.

One thing which is certain, however, is that you as a foreigner living in United States, you would have quality life which is high living in the country, even more so if you are with kids – kids take up most of the bills and might make the cost of living in United States high.

Cost of Accommodation in United States 2019

As a foreigner living in United States, the cost of accommodation for most of your bills every month. When choosing a house, make sure you research on the area and the cost obtainable there so you don’t go beyond your budget.

This is especially so if you seek to live in Waterbury Connecticut which is a relatively small city yet very populated meaning accommodation is pricey and very competitive.

Most times, you would get the utility costs added to the cost of renting an apartment so it is very smart and pertinent that you plan for these added cost. Three month’s rent is what will be required as the rent initial deposit when you are seeking an apartment.

If you are a student, most of the colleges or universities would provide accommodation for international student in the universities’ dormitories (where single rooms or shared rooms).

Still the rates are very high and it is suggested that you look for alternative options of accommodation outside the campuses.

Averagely the cost of accommodation per month in US is as follows;

  • Apartment (1 bedroom) in the city centre                          $975.96
  • Apartment (1 bedroom) in the outside of centre                 $735.35
  • Apartment (3 bedrooms) in the city centre                         $2,130.52
  • Apartment (3 bedrooms) in the outside of centre                 $1,786.61

Cost of Transportation in US 2019

If you use the options of trains and buses to travel, the cost of transportation in US might be very affordable for you but if you go the route of taxis regularly, you would have to cough up a lot of money to pay your transport fares.

Petrol is expensive in US and that goes for purchasing a car as cars are expensive. You could also use the options of cycling and walking (which are quite popular with the populace) as it would save you a lot of cost…and they are good ways to stay fit and exercise too.

For example, a one-way ticket ( local transport) costs $3.92, monthly pass is $ 62.28.  Normal tariffs for taxi start are $ 6.73, taxi 1km $ 3.08, taxi 1 hour waiting $7.10. Petrol is $ 1.81 per liter while a Volkswagen Golf 1.4 90 KW Trendline ( or equivalent new car) costs $ 37, 170.77 and Toyota Corolla 1.6l 97kW Comfort (or equivalent new car) costs $ 41,809.16.

Cost of Food in US in 2019

To shop for groceries is on the high side in US and foreigners are usual jolted to reality and dumbfounded at how expensive the price of grocery shopping is in US when they first shop in the grocery shops in the country.

Nonetheless, if you plan your finances well enough, you would be able to live within your reach and cost-effectively so too. Purchasing products which are produced locally as against important products is a good way to minimize costs. Buying products which are seasonal in bulk is a good idea too.

Cost of Education in US

If you are a citizen of United States then the cost of education wouldn’t be much for you as the tuition is absolutely free. Keep in mind that international students would be required to pay for study materials like their textbooks and other unlisted items.

If a child isn’t from US, you’d find out the cost of education in US for such persons is quite high and even more so for international schools.

The cost of textbooks which range from $ 280 to $ 350 every semester contributes to the high costs but when the child gets to a class which is higher, school materials can be purchased at prices which are less expensive or you can borrow and scan books from libraries.

Residence and Work Permit in US 2019

You are free to come to United States but you have to apply for and get a residence permit and work permit too. Most colleges would offer the application in partnership with the authorities.

Job Opportunities in US 2019

With the residence permit, you are free to seek jobs and get employment during the week, at weekends an on summer holidays. Learning to speak English before you arrive in United States increases your opportunities in this regard.

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