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1TB SD card

Best 1TB microSD card 2019

A new era has begun and the tech world is leading this change from smart lights to smart watering devices. Technology is moving at a lightning-fast pace which brings us to the era of 1TB microSD card.

With 1TB microSD memory cards launched today by Micron and Western Digital you can significantly ramp up your smartphone storage, for a price.

According to Western Digital’s SanDisk microSD card offers 160MB/s read speeds, while the Micron card offers read speeds of 100MB/s.

The Micron card’s writing speeds are faster, which can transfer more data at amazing speeds coming at 95MB/s – slightly ahead of the SanDisk card’s 90MB/s writing speed.

SanDisk’s 1TB Extreme UHS-I microSD card will cost $450 once it hit the stores and retails come April 2019, while Lexar’s SD card is already available to buy for $499. We might also expect similar price for Micron 1TB microSD card since no official price has been released yet.

Will you consider paying $450 to have 1TB micro SD Card, with all your micro storage needs solved?

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