• As part of Nigeria’s 58th Independence anniversary. Governor Abubakar Bello of Niger State has granted unconditional pardon to four prison inmates

    Also commuted the death sentence of 20 inmates to various term of imprisonment, discharged 40 others and ordered payment of fines for 221 convicts held in various prisons across the state.

    He directed the Attorney General of the state and the state Council on Prerogative of Mercy to effect immediate implementation of the pardon. He reiterated that his administration would continue to ensure the progress and development of the state in line with the visions of the nationalists who fought for liberation and sovereignty of the country.

    “We are committed to making our state better than yesterday so that tomorrow will be more comfortable for ourselves and the next generation. I called on our people to resist any overt or covert attempts by individuals and or groups to cause disharmony in the state as we enter into the next phase of state and national political activities,” he said.

    Bello also called on politicians and political parties to avoid acts capable of infringing on the right of the people even as democracy admits protests, rallies and demonstrations.


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