Recruitment – Google is hiring for Google+ Beta Testers, Apply Here

Today we got good news as Google is recruiting for beta testes and Nigerians are not left out this time around.

Apparently if you normally have strong opinions about Google+ and where the platform should be heading now ? Then you might get lucky to say your opinion as Google is seeking people to help test new features and give feedback on the direction of G+.

google plus

When you sign up for Google’s program, you will be automatically granted early access to new features on Google+. Yes, that means there will be new features on Google+, which is news to us. With this opportunity you get to interact with the product team at Google to provide feedback as well as other beta testers.


Secondly, a bold condition to be selected includes you to be “motivated to learn” about Google Plus and also be motivated to give useful feedback via product discussions. The third condition is basically an extension of the second, which says that Google Plus is only seeking those who are eager to provide “high level feedback”.

So if you are familiar and a regular poster on Google+, you can fill the form here and wait for you to be chosen. Not all who apply will be accepted, though.

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