How To Pay For Facebook Ads In Naira Using PayU


We have a new comer in Online payment processing, PayU is the latest payment gateway in Nigeria and is delivering results. Today PayU is now integrated with Facebook ads billing system, which makes it comfortable for Nigerians to pay online including Facebook ads in Naira.

                          How To Pay For Facebook Ads In Naira Using PayU

So you don’t need to worry about getting dollar cards to pay for Facebook ads In Nigeria nor the constant monthly international spend limit which Nigerian banks always impose on their cards, there by making transacting online diffcult..

If you’ve chosen “Naira” as your preferred currency in your Facebook ad account and you’ve not been able to pay for your Facebook adverts lately with cards like GTBank Mastercard, you can now pay by making use of “Naira card payment with PayU”.
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Currently PayU accepts your payment on behalf of Facebook and then funds your Naira Facebook ad account with the right amount. Facebook deducts payment for all your Facebook adverts from the prepaid balance and you can add more money at any time.

                              How To Pay For Facebook Ads In Naira Using PayU

All your ad campaigns will be billed in Nigerian Naira, and you can also set a daily ad budget as low as N500. However if you’ve been paying $0.01 per post engagement,with this you be might be charged as low as N2 per post engagement. So, you no longer have to assume you will be charged N315 per click or N490 per click.

PayU accepts both MasterCard and VISA debit cards and if you want to use GTBank Mastercard to fund your Facebook ad account via PayU, you will be required to enter your one time OTP to complete the transaction.

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I’ve tried it and it’s working perfectly, although I waited for some hours before my funds could appear in my Facebook ads account prepaid balance. 

Try it and let me know if it works for you too.

NB: You need to setup a new Naira Facebook ad account through your personal Facebook account. You will see the option to pay via PayU if once you create new Facebook ad account via Facebook Business Manager

  1. I can’t find an option for PayU. How can I pay manually using payu?

  2. I can’t find any payu options there…they declined my gtb MasterCard and I have no i sea how to register for payu…how can I register for payu and does payu have a mobile app?if not now can I register?and how will I get payu option on my Facebook ad payment?
    pls message me on WhatsApp if you can be of help or you’ll help me pay for my Facebook ad and I’ll send the money into your account because this shit is confusing …whatsapp pls 08143859382

  3. Reply
    Akinyemi Oluwatomisin June 23, 2018 at 6:05 am

    To get to the PAYU option go to billings through your personal ads manager not the business manager. go through facebook,com/adsmanager. Download a complete picture guide to setup of Facebook payment options at

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