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Quick Fix to Popular Infinix Hot S X521, Problems Here

Today, we take a look on Infinix Hot S, a premium and latest smartphone in the “Hot” series and still stands as the prettiest one till date. With a stylish looks with a feel than what it costs in stores nationwide.


 Quick Fix to Popular Infinix Hot S X521, Problems Here

Before we dive in into some problems new owners of the Hot S face, Let’s take a look at the specs below.

Listed are Spec view of Infinix Hot S

  • OS: Android 6.0 Marshmallow (Planned upgrade to Android Nougat)
  • Display: 5.2 Inches FHD Display (424 PPI)
  • Sim Type: Dual Micro Sim (One slot doubles as SD Card Slot)
  • Processor: 1.3GHZ MediaTek MT6753 (64 Bit)
  • GPU: Mali T720
  • RAM: 2GB/3GB
  • Storage: 16GB/32GB
  • Rear Camera: 13MP with Flash
  • Front Camera: 8MP with Flash
  • Battery: 3000mAh
  • Bonus: Fingerprint sensor (0.3 seconds response time)

List of Popular Infinix Hot S Problems and Fixes

Now that we have seen the specs of phone, it is time to look into popular issues you will likely face.

NOTE: If you have a specific problem with your Infinix Hot S, post it in the comment section and we will update the post with your solution.

  • Upgrade Infinix Hot S to Android 7.0 Nougat 

The planned upgrade to Android 7.0 was a strong selling point of the Hot S smartphone, when it is released. To upgrade your Infinix Hot S X521 to latest android Nougat 7.0, simply head to Settings > About to jump onto the latest Android version when it comes out.

Also try and checkout new features to Google Android 7.0 Nougat and eligible devices for Android Nougat.

  • Can’t use Dual Sims with SD Card on Infinix Hot S: 

Am still confused why Infinix choose to double up one SIM slot as an external SD slot. This change does not make any sense at all especially if you are using the 16GB ROM version as this not contain all your favorite Apps and games, excluding your Pictures and Videos.

Unfortunately, for this dual sims with SD card, there is no possible fix for this error by Infinix. You just need to sacrifice either your second sim or SD Card.

  • Cannot set up Fingerprint sensor: 

Not been able to setup the fingerprint sensor is a big issue for most users and was a selling point against most devices. To set up your Infinix Hot S X521, the fingerprint sensor, just go into

Settings > Security and set up your fingerprint.Before setting this up, make sure your fingers are well cleaned and dry to avoid any errors. also if you encounter any problems while doing this, simply use the comment box.

  • Cannot download Apps from Google PlayStore: 

Not been able to download from google play-store, is a very simple error to fix but can be really stressful when you start experiencing this. If you encounter this error,

simply go into settings and remove your Google account then go clear app data for PlayStore. Add your account again and you can now download from PlayStore.

If you need further help or clarification on your Infinix Hot S X521, leave a comment below.

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  1. My hot S x521 speaker is not working. I have tried rebooting the device. Checked general setting too. Can you please help

  2. am having issues downloading Clash of Clans from the Play Store, as it keeps showing me error code 495, despite the fact that i removed and reinstalled my google account.

  3. how can I find files that are consuming my internal memory? My files are not up to the total the phone said has been used.

  4. How do I open the cover of my infinix x521 in order to insert my sim card?

  5. How do I open my infinix x521 in order to insert my sim card?

  6. Hi. The touchscreen responds to touch with flickering up and down sometimes. Almost becoming too sensitive. Any help?? Thanks.

  7. Can you plz confirm me that the video calling option works on x521 or not? coz the official website shhows that it is not supported. plz reply quickly coz i want to buy this cell

  8. I'm also having issue with the front sensor which blocks the screen for accidental use when an object is covering it. It starts to flash randomly without anything in front of the sensor and denies the use of phone, you can't do with the phone then, can't unlock etc. Only restart resolves it when it happens.

  9. my system update of HOT S is available but it doesn't updating and ask to insert SD Card

  10. Hi, got an infinix hot s 2 days ago and since I powered it on and set it up, I have not been able to view my sms…what can I do???

  11. How to move applications to the SD card? Please help.

  12. How to move applications to the SD card? Please help.

  13. sir please my new infinix hot s have touch problem, touch is so bad its working auto, am so much disappointed. any help please .??????

  14. I ahve also tuch problem in my hot s phone it work auto kindly help me

  15. Anyone having issues in playing music on this device (with Android 6.0), whether it is Radio, Music Player or Streaming like Sound Cloud, music stops on its own again n again. I'm so annoyed!!!

  16. My infinix hot S has downloaded the 350mb system update 4 times. The first time it mentioned an error in installation and the other times it downloads up-to 100% but doesn't give the install option.

  17. My device is not updating as update starts it says error and restarts

  18. My device is not updating as update starts it says error and restarts

  19. Need help to update Infinix hot s

  20. Hello, pls I got a notification for system update and it asked for SD card before I begin which I inserted n after d update it didn't ask for me to install, I moved d update file to fine memory as I don't use SD card on mine n I still dunno what to do with d file as it never installed. I hear d update comes with so many issues n we shldnt even bother with it is that true?

    Secondly pls y is it that any file u transfer via Bluetooth u can't view? It doesn't go to d gallery n I see it from my file manager but can't view it, it just exist there n when I try to open it just says can't view file..I trnsfrd all my pics from SD card to d phone as I wld rather use two sims than one sim n SD card but I can't view them pls help!!

    • please continue with the system update, as the update is designed to correct the bugs which includes the signs you seeing in your phone.

  21. Whenever I dial a number with my infinix hotS the screen goes blank and doesn't come back on till I end the call. What do I do

  22. I'm also having issue with the front sensor which blocks the screen for accidental use when an object is covering it. It starts to flash randomly without anything in front of the sensor and denies the use of phone, you can't do with the phone then, can't unlock etc. Only restart resolves it when it happens.

  23. My phone having update option i download it and installed a chines language appear and then a yellow sign appears and update does,t installed and mbl restart how to update my mobile?
    (i m having the sd card also )

  24. The theme color changes without any reason. I have rebooted the phone but it did not help. I have had to factory reset it for the colors to display correctly. Please help.

  25. iam using infinix hot S Pro i have 3 problems :
    1- after using a glass screen the touch performance become bad , slow and some lagging
    2- when put the ux of the car into the sockets not working well always stopping and have to start the song again from the player ..
    3- when i try to plug the phone to my laptop to transfer some file .. when i choose the option of file transfer not working .. media transfer is working well ..
    4- when i send a voice note via whatsapp or FB the sound of it is too slow .. by using handfree Microphone became well ..
    I Need help plz and sorry for my bad english ..

  26. iam using infinix hot S Pro i have 3 problems :
    1- after using a glass screen the touch performance become bad , slow and some lagging
    2- when put the ux of the car into the sockets not working well always stopping and have to start the song again from the player ..
    3- when i try to plug the phone to my laptop to transfer some file .. when i choose the option of file transfer not working .. media transfer is working well ..
    4- when i send a voice note via whatsapp or FB the sound of it is too slow .. by using handfree Microphone became well ..
    I Need help plz and sorry for my bad english ..

  27. The finger print censor just stop work, how can I fix that?… Thanks

    • maybe is too sensitive, try adding a screen guard, if it doesn't work visit any tecno centers close to you,we can help you with authorized list of tecno centers.

  28. hi i just got back my stolen phone from a theif , i found it with hard reset.
    it s said i need the old account but it s not working i m stuck i did again a hard reset but it ask me everytime for google account that is set with the phone.
    i realy need help guys

  29. after hard reset again it keeps asking me for a google account that i dont have pls help

    • follow this steps for hard reset

      First, ensure your device is fully shut down.

      Press and hold the correct keys to boot the device into recovery mode. This will vary from device to device. Here are some examples:

      Nexus 7: Volume Up + Volume Down + Power
      Samsung Galaxy and Infinix device: Volume Up + Home + Power
      Motorola Droid X : Home + Power
      Devices With Camera Buttons: Volume Up + Camera

    • Hello Chucks, I am having the same problem and I have tried the Volume + Home + Power but it is still the same thing.

    • I am experiencing the same thing and I have tried the Volume Up + Home + Power.
      What else should I do again pls?


  31. Voice notes are too low but video recording it works normally

  32. hello sir i am having trouble with the offical update… it downloads 100% but as the cellphone goes on to install it a red trianlge box with ! sign appears and updates are not getting install

  33. pls I cant play / watch video downloaded on my infinix hot s, whats the problem

  34. i just updated my phone when it wanted to restart and install the phone is just showing "installing systeme update" again and again but never starts please help me

  35. I just bought an Infinix Hot S. The problem is when I connect external speakers using the headphone jack and play a Music file or a video on youtube, It keeps disconnecting and reconnecting the external speakers (headphone jack), The icon of headphone at the top keeps blinking intermittently which causes the audio/video to stop. Any help will be highly appreciated.

  36. My fingerprint sensor has stopped working

  37. I cant make calls with it , whenever i dial a nmber it says CALL ENDED !! Thogh same sim works in other phones,, seems to be an issue in settings or it may be a bug !! Need HELP PLZ

  38. Pls.. My menu has disappeared.. I can't find my menu bar on the hhomescreen..

  39. My infinix hot s does not ring out when incoming calls enter the phone. And it is not on silent. But every other notification rings out

  40. I am using infinix hot s pro x521
    When I make calls ,the screen turn off and I cannot end the call or control the phone until the other end the call.

    How can I form at the phone if I cannot remember the pass??

  41. I connect my hots to computer but nothing happen

  42. Just bought my Hot S, set up my scanner but now it just stopped working. I tried rebooting. Nothing. Please help.

  43. Need Help,
    I have 2gbRAM 32gbstorage Infinix hot s. I received the auto software update but even though the system got more then 10gb of space the installation requires external SD Card, I have tried using sd card but the installation halts around 50% and phone becomes really slow and error message appears cannot install some error.Perhaps sd card might be fake corrupted will try it with new Sdcard … Any suggestion for now ???

  44. Please my Sim slot does not open anymore. Im sure there something wrong. What can b done

  45. i got a system update notification and i downloaded it then a package unzipping popped up but it came as error package couldn't unzip, download again…and its the second time am doing the download. what could be the problem?

  46. Pls I just buy my hot s and it's brings system update available, should I update it ????
    Hope it wouldn't affect my battery life ?

  47. My Infinix Hot S has refused to update system software…it downloads nicely but when it is installing it says error and therefore does not update… Please Help ASAP

  48. please confirm when Nougat will be released.

  49. My infix hot s is unabke to charge when the phone is on ,kindly assist.

  50. With regard to the issue of memory,how can I change storage settings so that my data (pictures, videos,other files) do not go to ram.? The phone hangs alot coz ram memory is almost full being consumed by files such as pictures, videos,files etc. I thought these files should go to the ROM storage by default. The 16gb phone storage is still unused and this problem sucks!

  51. My touchscreen responds to touch with flickering up and down most of the times now specially while reading pdf and using facebook. Almost becoming too sensitive and feels like that it ia working autonatically. Kindly guide.

  52. My camera for my hot s

  53. Pls my infinix hot S screen goes off/ blank wen I make calls n doesn't come on for me to end the call. I need help urgently.

  54. Hello, please I can't use my finger print scanner to browse my images in my galary .And i have gone to select it at the finger print manue ,but iys still not responding. Please what should i do ?

  55. how do i fix finger print performance in browsing in pictures in gallery using hot s?

  56. how do i fix finger print performance in browsing in pictures in gallery using hot s?

  57. Please I need help, my infinix hot S keeps showing storage full when I try to store new contacts,i have tried uninstalling most apps on the phone but still no change, what should I do please

  58. Is it a must to use the SD CARD for system update, if so, can i remove it after the update is done ?

  59. my infinix hot s recently stopped connecting to my laptop and any other laptop with usb cord to transfer files but it charges when connected. what can i do?

  60. I can't write text message or open it

  61. when i send a voice note via whatsapp the sound is very low..and neither myself nor recipients hears it well…pls help

  62. my infinix hot s cant connect to my pc and what can i do

  63. Hello. My infinix hot s has this annoying problem of going blank. Then the screen shows things in Chinese language i think on the top left hand corner. Usually the phone freezes. I can't restart the phone. Can't do anything. I usually just keep pressing the only two buttons on the phone randomly till it vibrates and restarts itself. Pls what can i do to make it stop cos I'm scared that one day its might not even respond again. Thanks.

  64. I downloaded Bbm on my infinix hot s but not operating at all, it's not coming up

  65. I cannot access my phone files when it is connected to a pc despite choosing the transfer files from usb options. What do I do?

  66. My Infinix Hot S wifi keeps going on and off after 11 secs whenever I connected it to a network. please help, it's really annoying.

  67. hello, i rooted my infinix hot s which was successfully done, but when i boot it, it gets stuck at bootloader…help me please.

  68. Hello admin! I am infinix hot s x521 which is pattern locked. I tried this method "power+ vol up" and I got recovery menu but " no command" is on the screen. How are the correct method to factory reset it? please I need your help. Thank you

  69. Hello..My infinix Hot s 521 is not conecting to my PC via usb cable for files transfer..I use windows 10..i once tried conecting to Windows 7 and it perfectly read the memory..Could its OS not be compatible to windows 10??

  70. please my fone went off and and i tried to reboot it was not coming up please i need a solution immediately

  71. My XLauncher on Infinix HOT S X521 cannot work, what's the problem and how to solve it?

  72. Mine has the Android Xos. To perform system update, do I have to use the SD card as phone memory of portable memory?

  73. I can not keep a call using apps like Messanger imo or whatsapp it ends the call every 10 seconds approx
    the network is good at the same place I can keep the call with other phones but not with may infinis hot S

  74. please i just got my infinix hot s on thursday and apparently,it has a 48-hour warranty according to the receipt. couldn't travel that far to take it back. my phone keeps going off and rebooting by itself intermittently when it isnt being handled. just this morning,it went off and never came on even after trying to charge, i updated it last night. could it be the problem? it still hasnt come back on. pls reply asap

  75. The "antiinadvertently mode" of my phone keeps coming on even when I want to use the phone and I have to keep pressing the volume down botton to exit.

    Another one, when I dial a number, even before I bring the phone close to my ears the screen goes dark and refuses to light up again. I have to beg the person at the other end of the line to help me end the call.


    • return the phone where you bought it, it seems to be factory problem

    • this should be in the call settings or sensor sumthg. its where the phone detects that you have placed it over your ear so the screen goes off normally to allow u make the call without lighting disturbing. now after the call if light no go off, then must be the sensor in the front screen either ts covered by a screen protector( brings such interferences esp if ts not a clear one) or evn oil from ur hair, or face powder or anything that will smear over sensor.

      As for the inadvertent mode its wen u place ur hand over the top part of ur phone. even huaweis have that, but wen u remove it, it automatically disappears to.

  76. hi im an infinix hot S user and I can't download facebook apps (and only facebook's apps) from play store and everytime i try to . it gives me error 505 any solutions ?

  77. i want to update my phone how i am do it

  78. i active protect from steal and when i try to open my phone get Massage say write your password and i didn't make any Password and i enter another phonr namber every time send me mas say you phone has stoal and i need code to open my phone Plesss Answer me fast as you can

  79. My infinix hot s. Dont lock and the power button dont respond.

  80. Please I'm finding it difficult to install apps on the internal memory of my new Infinix Hot S, please i need help. It always alerting me of space whilst I have 14.65 memory of available. Please treat it as urgent.many thanks

  81. Good day, pls am having a little problem with my phone it mistakenly fell into water and i tried dry drying it, but now it has gone blind i cat see anything.

  82. If i download an app from my google play…when i open t it says cant open file..infinix hot s
    What should i do?

  83. My hot s infinix is too slow in terms of browsing, so how I make it faster during browsing.

  84. My hots fingerprints was working but now is not working pls help me

  85. My hot s does not accept auxiliary what can I do

  86. Hi Chuks, my Infinix X521 battery runs down very very very fast. It never use to be this bad, please what can I do?

  87. my touch screen is glitchy I scroll down and it scrolls up or keep going up or down in the same time …..since I bought it 3 days ago ? hardware or software ? should I return it and get another one ?

  88. My Infinix hot s phone have 2 problems, kindly assist
    * the touch performance is slow and lagging
    * keeps opening apps by itself

  89. hi am having problem with my infinix x521.when i insert the sim it displays no sim card. ive even gone for hard ware solution but still unsovable.i ve even gone for sim card settings but it shows blank.so please i need important solution.thanks

  90. my phone touch screen not functioning at all. what should i do?

  91. Dear sir/madam,
    Kindly tell me how should i move my apps from internal storage to sd card ? I want to transfer the app so my internal storage gets free.

  92. having an issue with my hot s, when i plug it to the auxiliary cord of my home theatre, i can't play music with volume of my phone above 40% if i try to increase the volume on my phone above 40% the music on my phone will stop, i thought it was from the cord so i bought a new one, but am still having the same problem. I tried using a third Party app but still the same issue

  93. Hi whenever I try sending a message to a network code E.G "131" …It keeps telling me com.android.phone cannot be used … Please what can I do to make this stop and be able to send msgs to network codes

  94. why is it that when i connect my hot s x521 to my laptop it does not show on the computer when want to access it . i changed the option from charging to media transfer and it has refused it.
    can i be helped?

  95. the screen is not functioning and I do not have an idea why. how can I turn off or restart my infinix x521 hot s using its buttons?

  96. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I have a problem with my Infinix Hot S. It takes 24 hours to charge from 1% to 100%. Thou the battery is still normal, only charging that takes longer. Thank you sir

  97. I am having issues opening my inbox. I click on the message sent. But it does not open. This happened after the pop up asked if I would like the message to access my pictures and I clicked 'no'. I am using a hot 4

  98. My display is not working. what i will do. Only 2 month i used

  99. Hello,

    My infinix hot S scrabbled in Chinese cleared and now has light blue screen on on it reads WELCOME. Below it an ARROW to the right and, Bottom of the Screen is Emergency Call. How do I fix the issue I can’t access my usual screen nor make calls and when powered on the computer, it does not open any files on the INFINIX what should I do

  100. i have updated my infinix hot s pro to XOS chamelon v2.0.0 but after this update my cell phone is to much hanging in every app. kindly give me solution

  101. Hi sir, I have recently purchased hot s but its getting heated up when I use it for few hours and also at charging , so I think this is going to make a problem. Is it so?what is the solution?

  102. Hi, my Infinix Hot 3 power button has stopped working, and the phone has just gone off. Is there a way i can turn the phone on without the power button? Please help!

  103. my phone keeps vibrating and going off. it shows the infinix logo and goes off. it will vibrate and show the logo and go off again..
    it is doing that in repeated motion

  104. Hi need to help my hot s dont wake up after power off and charge!! My card sim in the hot s not work also…
    Please help me

  105. My infinix hot S will not allow me receive calls through the car Bluetooth system though I’m able to play music through it. At the options under Bluetooth, when I check ‘phone audio’, it unchecks itself immediately. I’ve tried my wife’s same infinix hot S and it works fine. What could be the problem with mine

  106. Hi

    My phone recently reset it self to factory setting with the memory card inside. Is there a way I can re mount the card without formatting it.?

    My laptop has refused to read the MMC card which I would have used to back up the data.

    Please advice.

  107. Please when I put my infinix hot s on, then it goes off. I don’t even know what to do again. Please I need help.

  108. I can’t connect my infinix hot s x521 to computer, pls why

  109. my infinix cannot charge even wth original charger, if it charges at all, it cant go more than 25% n drains in minutes. its almost new.wats problem?

    • the battery might be faulty, or the charging sysytem

      • my camera is dull amd does not bring out the coloolur of pictures, it wws not like that wen I bought it d frst time, nkw picz seems dull nd blur even onder high light conditions,
        i v reset to default the camera app buh to no avail

  110. How do i open the back cover of my infinix hot s?

  111. good afternoon my hot s refuse to booth ,I have been charging it ,it vibrates but now it’s not doing anything

    • I had the same problm js about 4 days ago. Ts js a software update needed. Nothing serious. So i had my phone quick charged kinda lyk boosting or jump-startg. Then wen it cud go on, they updated my software n am gud to go. T has no problms now

  112. plz i cant see incaming calls on my infinix hot s screen thought it is ringing so help me please

  113. hello my infinix hot s screen is not responding to touch..it has not fallen or something miscalleneous …please help

  114. how do i go about it? i just notice that the inifinix hot s i own battery is charging down( meaning each time i try to charge it , the battery is just counting down) and the battery don’t last up to 30min again .

  115. This is three days today I have been having issues while charging my infinix hot S phone. It keeps getting hotter every minute. I bought the phone last Saturday this month

  116. Hi there, please my infinix hot s keeps freezing up and it’s quite frustrating. What is wrong and what can be done? I need your help please. Thank you

  117. I have been trying to connect my hot S to my laptop through hotspot but it is not connecting. Please what can I do?

  118. My infinix hot s heats up on its own when it’s being used or charged.. Also when it’s not charging it reduces at an alarming pace even when it’s not being used. Help please.thanks

  119. Hello sir..I’ve brought infinix hot s a week ago..everything is full OK except a problem..that is..I can’t play 1080p videos on YouTube or anywhere in the internet..even I cant see any 1080p option anywhere..it has a range of highest 720p ..but if I put 1080p videos in my phone via SD card..its plays successfully.. But I don’t see any option of 1080p on YouTube or anywhere in the internet…eagerly waiting for your reply

  120. Infinite hot s Han been restarting for almost an hour now… logo on the screen

    • Charles Johnson

      you need to hard reset, by pressing power + volume up at same time, then follow instructions on screen

  121. i havev a problem with charging my inffinix hot s, it does not get full charged it just ends up about 29-34% iven if pluged for for more than 7 hrs at first it has no problem but 1 day it was 58% then i pluged it on a charger it suddenly showed battery low and shut down, please can uyou asist me on this

    • Charles Johnson

      change the battery, hope you don’t use the phone while charging, because it causes lots of stress for your phone battery.

  122. my infinix hot4 s fingerprint is no more working and d fingerprints sensor is seriously warm(infact hot) and I’ve done d factory settings but no changes. pls how do I go abt it. I just buy it in March

  123. All my videos playing slowly(slow motion) have tried to check where the problem is all in vain
    Kindly help infinix hot s

    • you need to del unused appss in your Sd card and internal storage as the phone is bugged down by lots of programs.

  124. Hello, I recently upgraded my Infinix Hot S from 6.0 to 7.0, but my WhatsApp requires update on every reboot or powering on. Secondly, the H++ sign on my mobile network isn’t available anymore on my device ever since the upgrade. And lastly, whenever I turn on my phone, either by reboot or power on, I can’t use the fingerprint sensor to unlock directly. I would have to use my pattern lock before I can access the device. All these occurrence are definitely due to the upgrade, but what can I do to fix each and every of these bugs?? Thanks as I await a response.

  125. Pls how can I remove the infinix S2 logo at the bottom of pictures taken.

  126. Please I bought Infinix Hot S and I uploaded a wallpaper from naij.com and applied but my living wallpaper displaying wise saying just disappeared. How would I retrieved it?

  127. I bought my Hot s less than 3 weeks ago. I cant charge it unless its shutdown using its own charger.
    Could you please help

  128. I got a notification system update on my infinix hot s but each time I downliad it I am getting an error message. How do I successfully install it?

  129. Hi, my Hot S recently got this problem, it took a good 10-15 seconds just to wake up the screen after sleep, I’ve updated and did factory reset too, bit the problem persisted, can you help me ?

  130. Good day admin,
    Please my infinix hot s Bluetooth, WiFi keeps turning itself off whenever I turn it on and now I think it is affecting my Xender app too, because it won’t connect with others. Please help me with solutions. I need it because I connect my internet with my PC to browse all the time as am a graphics designer, thanks.

  131. My Infinity Hot s does not charge properly… Even after leaving it over night, it just reached 70%)

    • my infinix hot s does not charge fast. it can charge like 5/6hrs before been full not like when I bought it new, same as booting. pls help me.

  132. I have an infinix hot s, it has a problem of charging. it’s just 3months passed since I bought, it was charging fast and good but now I can charge it the whole night it can’t get full, and when I’m using it while charging the percentage keeps dropping. what could be the problem? I need help because I love my phone

  133. I want to set up a particular ringtone for a particular contact

  134. videos are now dragging on my infinix hot S, please what is the way out?

  135. i have a problem in my infinix hot s. whenever i lock my phone, it always change my default write disk to internal storage even if i have a sd card attached. thankbyou for the response

  136. I noticed little dots of colours like green, blue on the screen of my Infinix hot s please is it normal?

  137. My contacts in my gmail account is not showing
    What should I do
    Thanks in advance

  138. hi,
    my infinix hotS battery drained and while plugged in charge it displayed on the screen Chinese language which I don’t understand but after series effort I succeeded in clearing it off and resetting by displaying a welcome note of welcome to android and followed by choosing sim for call, data, messages and when it get to internet connection to vsat it could go again. any help to this?

  139. My infinix hot s fingerprint sensor does not respond, I cannot set up fingerprint

  140. Hi my infinix Hot S never stops restarting, its very frustrating

  141. my is not charging while it is on…
    it only charges wen its off & I can’t connect it wit my system

  142. My infinix hot s has an internal storage capacity of 16GB but only few things of about 2GB occupy the whole space .. I’ve restored it but it still persist, please help.

  143. My infinix Bluetooth is not working

  144. My infinix hot S charge very very slowly, it takes three days to full, please what can I do about it?

  145. my Infix Hot S is not working when i touch the screen, i can’t access any Application.
    please what i can i do?

  146. I can’t play music with my hot s because the speaker is very low even when its on highest volume. Please is there any fix for it

  147. I have an infinix hot s, 10 months old.

    It refuses to charge. sometimes it charges well other times it will charge from let’s say 30% to 100 in a few minutes then drain everything in a counter fashion. Other times it does not move from charging sign to any percentage. However, when it agrees to charge it retains the charge for a day or sometimes a day and a half depending on the usage.

  148. My infinix hot s does not display my pictures and music / video anymore in my gallery but they still exist in my fine manager. How do I fix this please?

  149. my sir my infinix is having this problem that if am trying to open any hard app like camera my phone will just hang and it will start rebooting and the screen will turn to black ND it will be shaking

  150. Hi, I have an infinix hot s, that has touch screen problem, the key that minimize and clears running app, as well as the home screen suddenly stop work.. Even when I try scrolling down to check my settings, it fails to respond… please how can you be of help?

  151. solution to my hot s network problem

  152. Mobile is going sleep mood during call

    Please how can I removed

  153. my vibration has suddenly stop working
    my fingerprint too is not working as well

  154. My charging port is deep

  155. Comment:
    my hot s keeps rebooting itself over and over how can i stop that

  156. It refuses to charge. sometimes too it will charge from let’s say 30% to 100 in a few seconds then drain within a minute. Other times it does not move from charging sign to any percentage.

  157. My infinix hot s just suddenly switched of when i was on a call, when i try switching it on, it doesn’t work but sometimes as its switching on different colors appeared and then it would just switch off again. I have tried charging it but it still won’t come on. Please Help!!

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