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How to Browse Free on GLO, N0.0 For All Devices in September 2016

Hello Guys, it is more interesting when you discover that you can browse the web at a more cheaper price than you expect.


Now Glo free browsing is blazing at N0.0 has been around for some weeks and most of you are already enjoying it but for those who don’t know, you can also be part of them.

                                 How to Browse Free on GLO, N0.0 For All Devices in September 2016



  • Your Glo balance must be 0.00
  • Strong 3G network
  • Android phone


How to Set up free browsing with Glo N0.0 With QueenCee VPN

  • Now send an sms “PAYU” to 127. You will receive a reply that you are using data as Pay As U Go to browse.
  • Download QueenCee VPN


Just change your current APN to any of the following below;

  • glosecure
  • glounlimitedzone
  • gloflat


Now, Launch your QueenCee VPN App and set it as follows;
  • Front Query: redirect.global.com
  • Back Query: %3a@redirect.glo.com
  • Proxy Server Type: Real Host
  • Proxy Server: redirect.glo.com
  • Real Proxy Server Type: default
  • Port: 8080


Tap the Save button
a pop up message will appear requesting to use Tunnel whole device, just tap on the option to Tunnel Whole Device.

To go to More Options, kindly swipe from left to right on the Main page. You will see VPN Settings and VPN Options. 
  • Tap on VPN Options and untick Connect Through An HTTP.

In Region, select United States or Netherlands. Go back now to the main page of the QueenCee VPN and tap the Start button, wait for few seconds for it to Connect.


How to Set Up Glo N0.00 Free browsing with Latest Tweakware VPN

  • Kindly Send PAYU to 127 and wait for the message
  • Set your Glo APN to the below;


Now set your APN Settings

  • APN: glounlimitedzone
  • APN Type: Tick Default & Supl
  • Proxy: leave it blank
  • Port: leave it blank

Open the Tweakware VPN App and setup as follows


  • On the Tweakware VPN, go to Settings
  • Click on Bundle Settings
  • Tick Enable Bundle Settings
  • Select Bundle Settings
  • select (NG Glo) 0.0#


The final Simple Trick You Need to Apply

  • Go back to Settings
  • Click Server Settings
  • Click Connection Mode Options
  • Now tap on HTTP Host,
  • Then clear www.facebook.com and input redirect.glo.com

Go back to your Tweakware VPN app menu, select “free server” if you don’t have premium account yet and hit the connect button

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