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How To Use “Airtel 2GB And 6GB 2G/EDGE” Data Plan on 3G Network

Recently we reported of Airtel 2GB for N200 and 6GB for N500 Data Plan, but the catch here is that is sweet data bundle can only be used on 2G/EDGE network. So today we present the real deal, on how to use this locked 2G/EDGE Airtel data bundle on 3G network blazing at full speeds.

Steps On How To Use Airtel 2GB And 6GB 2g Network Data On 3G

Now, you need to download the following apps below and keep it safe before you proceed below. Also is very important your android phone must be rooted before you can enjoy this.

  • Turbo Changer Script 2G/3G
  • 3G/4G Speed Optimizer 
  • Script Manager 

                          How To Use "Airtel 2GB And 6GB 2G/EDGE" Data Plan on 3G Network

First of all open the 3G/4G optimizer app, which can be downloaded from google play store

  • Select network speed as 12/28/7(set to max) 
  • Choose down speed increase 
  • Apply the changes made . 

Restart the device once you save the changes

  • Open the script manager App you downloaded earlier and select the file “3G Turbo script text file changer” 
  • You need to allow the Super User grant permission and run the script 
  • Scroll up and set the setting to Fastest to get the maximum Data Speed . 
  • Reboot your device 

Switch on your 3G/WCDMA Mode on network settings and your good to go

Enjoy till mama calls, if you have any problems or query make use of our comment box

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