If the leak from Macerkopf.de (via IBT) can be relied on, it means that Whatsapp has finally ready to add Video calling feature. With this feature Whatsapp will be ready to compete with the likes of LINE, Skype, Viber, and even Facebook Messenger that offers both voice and video calls.

Leaked Images suggest WhatsApp could add video calling feature
It nearly has a billion users, and now it could be getting video calling feature, what do we expect next ? The screenshot below shows two windows, one each for the caller and the person who has received the call.

However, I fear that the Whatsapp video chat feature will not go viral in Nigeria given the fact that most Nigerians already have a platform they rely on (i.e Facetime or 
Skype), there is also the issue of data consumption and lets not forget the fact that you might be receiving video call request from random people (Whatsapp is an open platform).


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