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Sun S2 smartwatch Price full Features and specification

The smartwatch industry is a boom business on the rise then expected. With 2016 showing strong signs to get even better despite all the success appreciated this year, the smartwatch industry is no doubt on a very large boom.

However, when you are shopping smartwatches is no different than shopping for smartphones. a very important factor to consider for smartwatches is price. Yes, price and class are the very first things that come tops, if not the first two factors most people generally consider when making a purchase, and luckily, the No.1 Sun S2 smartwatch is on the good sides of both.

Sun S2 smartwatch Price full Features and specification

  • 1.3″ 240 x 240 pixels LED touchscreen
  • MediaTek MT6260chipset
  • 64MB ROM
  • IP67-certified water resistance
  • 350mAh battery
  • iOS and Android compatible
  • Pedometer, Heart rate monitor
  • Frame size: 5.2 x 4.6 x 1.4 cm / 2.05 x 1.81 x 0.55 inches
  • Band width: 2.0 cm / 0.79 inches
  • 1.3-inch LED Display
  • 240 by 240 pixels resolution

Going at a roughly $57 price $320 and even cheaper than the Apple iWatch the Sun S2 designed with a circular 1.3-inch LED display with 240 by 240 pixels resolution. The smart watch is pretty much easy to operate via the touchscreen but what I didn’t like was the cloggy number keys when typing (happens in all smartwatches) as my fingers sometimes find it hard to click the accurate key (I hope technology will be able to fix this soon). The watch  welcome 
screen appears when you unlock to look at the time and has three appearances and they all look cool and mature.

Design and hands-on

The smartwatch features one of the best looks I’ve seen on a timepiece very similar to Moto 360. While the screen is off, the watch looks so discreet and enigmatic which is what I like when people look at your hand with the look of “oh what is that?” face.

Sun S2 smartwatch Price full Features and specification

Sun S2 smartwatch Price full Features and specification


Sun S2 comes with a metal band as well as a leather one. It actually came out of the box strapped with leather but I found out the straps were easily changeable so I swapped on the steel chain band which looks way cooler in my opinion.
Hands-on pictures:


Sun S2 smartwatch Price full Features and specification

Sun S2 smartwatch Price full Features and specification

Sun S2 smartwatch Price full Features and specification

More Features

All the features do worked perfectly well, heart rate and ECG monitor, UV checker, temperature checker and all everything works. However, one of the watch faces which is supposed to have date and day details doesn’t allow these to work as the meters appear fixed to one place all the time.


Don’t be deceived by all the crap out there about smartwatches. The Sun S2 review unit I got was stashed away for long before I finally popped it on my arms and from then it wasn’t till after a few weeks I mustered strength week to finally wrote this review  — this smartwatch’s battery is awesome and it stays a cool 3 days on a single charge with minimal use. Playing with the Watch while connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth should still give you 2-day battery life which is still very good even by high standards.


Finally, I would say the No 1 Sun S2 is cool and ranks in the top fold at $57 price tag. The appearance of this smartwatch, especially the all black design, gives it a mature mind-blowing appearance. To top off that, the battery life is another thing I can commend as the Watch easily beats most of the smartwatches out there in terms of battery longevity.

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