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Guide to Starting a Blog For Beginners

If you have thought of creating a blog, not to worry as i will be outlining few steps to be considered when creating a blog. You may think blogging is easy and may enter into blogging and get stuck, take your time do few research, ask questions before you start. Here a few steps to be considered if you want to start off a blog and make money from your hard work.

1. Choose a niche

You may ask , What is a Niche ? In blogging niche is topic in which your blog is going to be centered on. If you are serious about blogging you must take your niche serious. The blog niche is more important than the domain name. Yes, choosing a niche that is accessed daily is important. You may consider blogging in the following niches as you will never run out of posts, we have news,entertainment, technology and health tips. But make sure you target an area you are deep knowledge about as this will help you to write good and valuable posts.

 2 Choose a good domain

Having a domain name with nice keywords is the map to your success when it comes to blogging.
Know that a good domain name should be short. As this helps for easy remembrance and share across various social media networks. When buying a domain name do not make purchase as soon as you find a domain is available. Try to check twice or thrice and try to include your niche into your domain name. 

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3. Choosing a platform

When it comes to choosing the right blogging platform it might be difficult to handle. Because you might be stuck in between blogger and wordpress.
Here are some of features of blogger. Blogger runs a free with unlimited bandwidth available on the web it also comes with some themes which you can modify, but it also has its own disadvantages. Blogger is owned by Google which you already know is a free service based on this Google has the right to delete your blog once the terms and conditions are violated. 

With WordPress.org your blog is self-hosted and you have have full right on what goes on as you get whatyou pay for.But comes with a price. You have an unlimited disk space, bandwith once you upgrade your plan. You don’t have to worry about your blog been delected. It also comes with premium themes and plugins which you can purchase online or google some of the best ones out there for free. With various wordpress plugins your blogging work is minimized a lot

But know that choosing between Blogger and wordpress is a choice, so don’t hurry as you can start with blogger before migrating to wordpress.

4. Choosing the right Theme

You should remember that choosing the right theme is very important for the success of your blog. By choosing the right theme it helps your webpage loads fast, which gets you more page views also help to minimize page bounce rate. Your reader love to navigate fast without delay within your webpage. Trust me, your readers don’t have patience. I think you too don’t have patience? A good theme helps in search engine optimization and search engine friendly.So don’t think a few bucks. Just pay and enjoy.!

5. Listing your blog in search engines

If your blog don’t seem to appear in search engines like google, bing and yahoo search, not to worry. We know that the life blood of every web page depends on search engines as they feed us the right traffic which you can start making money from. First try to Submit your sitemap to webmaster tools and check your settings for robots .txt files. As these files prevent your web page from been indexed by search engines. Once you get rid of these files, search engines can start indexing your pages.

6. Love What you DO 

Blogging is not an easy work as you can’t reach success in a day, may be two months, six months , one year or even more. The key is by make you write good and original posts daily as your users will like to come back for more and search engines rank pages with a lot of content higher than others. Try to participate in various forums related to your niche through commenting, guest blogging, and sharing through social media

feel free to use the comment box below for your questons

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