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How to Build Your Blog With Free Traffic

Here i have listed some methods used to generate traffic to your blog for free

1 Search engine optimization

This is one thing you’ll learn from different webmaster tools (eg Google webmaster tools, Bing web master tools) and implement on your blog daily. If you like to grow fast in search engine ranking you have to maximize resources like Keywords research tool, content and address structure.Use of different SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plugins also helps in updating your site to various webmaster central.
 you’ll set Meta keyword tags and totally different Post and Page Titles for program purpose.

2  Submitting your Sitemap to Various |Search Engines

Another technique that has extremely helped me is by “submitting my sitemap to various search engines”. submitting your sitemap to Google, Bing and various SEO central makes it easier for different search engines be notified once you update your blog and index your daily posts as quick as possible.
if you’re on WordPress, you ought to install the Google xml sitemap plugin and Google news sitemap plugin; you also need to submit your sitemap to Google and Bing through their various webmaster control

3      Marketing Article

Article marketing has been a great tool for generating quality traffic. Article marketing involves writing and submitting your articles to various articles directories like Ezinearticles.com.
With article marketing, you may be able to get Quality backlinks to daily  from various article directories direct to your blog.

4 Gust Commenting

Blog commenting isn’t simply an efficient approach of building traffic, however is good for building quality backlinks to your blog; for this to work well you need to comment daily and make sure that you comment on sites that have same niche for Google to rank it as quality and not spam commenting. let me remind you that poor backlinks results in low indexing of your pages

5   Forum Posting

Forums are another  an excellent place to make quality traffic and backlinks for your blog. Various forums online these days you to place links to your blog within the forum signature box below your profile.
Maximize importance of forums to build that blog you desired.

6 Quality Content 

Creating quality contents for your blog is incredibly vital, particularly if you would like to get a lot of  traffic from Google and different search engines. it’s vital that you just produce distinctive contents if you would like your traffic generation effort to yield any result.
Unique content is what makes your diary to stand-out among others, once you publish distinctive articles, new guests can love your website and that they can come for a lot of of your distinctive posts.

7    Build Nice Links with different Blogs in your Niche

 Golden rule of Link exchange is  You Must Build Nice Quality Links With Blogs Around Your Niche.
 you ought to know that linking with sites that don’t match with your Niche might to your Blog been Blacklisted and this results to loss in traffic from search Engines, No Advertisers approaching your Blog leading to downgrading by Most search engines. 

NB: Once your Site has been Blacklisted by One search Engines Others will also follow likewise and your site standards is gone forever.

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