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How to start making Money with Facebook

Most people will do numerous things whereas they’re logged onto their Facebook accounts.

How to start making Money with Facebook

Some individuals spend hours chatting with friends, some individuals pay quite an deal of your time browsing through different people’s profiles. Some individuals spend their time on the various Facebook applications and if you understand this, you’ll perceive however profitable it’s progressing to be to make Facebook applications for individuals to use.You need to learn some programming languages to aid in writing your own code,which might include php, java ,ajax etc.

Sell your music

If you’ve got associate degree application for music, you’ll ride on the actual fact that a there area plenty of individuals like to hear good music and area unit even willing to get hold of it. you’ll sell music through this application and you’ll sell it for a awfully competitive value.

Create Games

A lot of individuals area unit hooked in to pc games and other people pay plenty of your time on Facebook enjoying every kind of games. whereas these games area unit all free for you to play, there area unit some ways in which you’ll earn cash from game applications.As a programmer you create games and market it online meeting the right demand.


There also are differing kinds of utilities that you just will produce which is able to facilitate individuals build their Facebook most additional helpful either for private use or to be used for your business. a number of these utilities can have bound options that may be obtained to a value. you’ll provide these further options and you’ll observe cash through it.


Facebook could be a sensible|excellent|superb} place to sell things as a result of there area unit plenty of individuals on Facebook and it’s good to require advantage of the amount of individuals there. Today, there area unit marketplaces wherever individuals area unit ready to observe cash mercantilism every kind of stuff, and if you wish to create cash making Facebook applications, you’ll produce a marketplace application, earn from it and facilitate individuals earn from it, too.

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