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Different ways to start makeing money online

To make money online requires careful application of information as one popular means include Blog or weblog which is simply a website with frequent updates on a particular subject or topic.

On a blog, you can write a comment, review, suggestion or provide your readers tips on a particular subject on your blog. With a blog, you may decide to provide educational resources and advice if you are an expert at something, a blog on healthy eating pattern- weight loss blogs, dieting all make good bucks online.  

More instances, include starting a blog about sport cars. You can post the latest announcements from sport cars manufacturers such as BMW, Ferrari and so on, discuss about the latest trends, models of sport cars and the best components used for producing sport cars.


There are several ways you can make money with a blog:

  • Become a Google AdSense publisher

When you start your blog, you need to Google AdSense program and start earning advertising revenue from your blog. As google does all the job of securing the adversiters, all you do is rent a small space in your and earn.

Google adsense program is not difficult to set up as Blogger.com also provides Adsense tool and guidance to help you start an AdSense campaign. This can be a great source of revenue, though of course the amount of income you can expect from your AdSense ads will depend on the amount of traffic (visitors) to your blog.

  • Sell Other People’s Stuff

You can also make money by promoting  affiliate programs,of different companies of your choice. By placing the affiliate links and banners on your blog,  you start to earn commission whenever someone clicks through an affiliate link or banner to your merchant’s website made a purchase.

  •  Sell Your Own Product

If you got your own products, blog can also be used to drive, promote and sell your personalized products too. You can write about your products’ features and benefits on the blog, which attract more sales.

How to Drive traffic to Your Blog

To make money you need to drive visitors or traffic to your blog. The more traffic you’re getting the higher your earning will be. There are several free ways of getting traffic to your blog. Here’s how ……

  1. create a Facebook group/page for your blog and share your contents,
  2. Share all your Introduce your blog to your family and friends.
  3. Submit your blog to directories. You can find a list of blog directories by going to Google and entering the search term ‘submit blog url’.
  4. Write an article or more with a link to your blog and submit them to article directories. You can find a list of article directories by going to Google and entering the search term ‘article directory’.
  5. Post messages on community forums with a link to your blog on the signature of each message posted.

There are other ways (free and paid) to increase traffic for your blog. You can find a lot of free information and resources about blog promotion from search engines.

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